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Latest Cellular Solutions

Pick a device, along with award winning personal customer service, you cannot beat Illinois Signal Communications for your U.S. Cellular® experience

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MiFi WIFI Hotspot WIFI to go

WIFI wherever you go!

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Home Phone Service Home Services

Connects to any corded or cordless touch-tone telephone and uses the U.S. Cellular® wireless network to connect calls.

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Tablets Devices

Lighter than a laptop, internet anywhere with Cellular plan!

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Customer Reviews

....The Customer was almost in tears and told Kyra that it means so much to her that 'they really cared.'...

- Josh Hawn, Agent Manager Central IL U.S. Cellular®

I got your name from Matt and Karla Sullivan. I've been wanting to revamp my cell plan for some time now and can't seem to get the right person at any of the Macomb US Cellular retailer to give me a little help. Karla says your the best 'phone girl' she's ever had and advised me to email you and see if you would be willing to look over my plan and help me figure some things out....

Courtni Keithley, Illinois Signal Communications Customer

I was in the shop today getting Johnnie's new car inspected. My brother and I had a conversation about Illinois Signal. He bragged on all of the girls there for going above and beyond for the business. I told him that I have even called Kyra on her cell phone when either of my boys have phone emergencies - such as being out of data and needing her to transfer some from my phone to their phone so they can use their GPS while on the road! Great Business!

Shelley Roberts, Illinois Signal Communications Customer

Meeting the special needs of each individual customer must be very challenging for someone in the cell phone industry but you seem to have a knack for doing just that..... Thanks for your excellent customer service! You will be our first choice for any future needs.

Karen Voss, Controller - Ursa Farmers Cooperative

....I will be happily going through you for all my cell phone services now ☺ ...

Lauren Keithley, Illinois Signal Communications Customer

........You do everything humanly possible to make sure your customers are taken care of....

Chasity Morse, Cathage Veterinary Service, Ltd.

Gift Ideas

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Custom Gift Baskets Special

Don't want that hassle of making a gift basket for your loved one? Let us do the work for you! Just give us your price range, and we will have it done the same day!!